Feb 25, 2010

Lady Of The Curio Cabinet....

In the back of my Curio Cabinet
sits this sweet Boudior Doll Lamp.
That I picked up last fall at a terrific Flea Market.
She is meant to hang from a headboard,  with a tiny bulb under her dress,

But for now...

She sits among mismatched teacups and saucers,
and alittle of this and a little of that
a vintage sewing basket is her sofa.

She does have her own little mirror...
For she is a little bit vain (shhh).

She also has her own miniature chandelier...

Which she loves to gaze into,
and daydream.....

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Feb 24, 2010

Table For Two Please....

A simple spring themed table...
just for two

Soft candlelight

Dried roses from last years garden,
scattered about....

The pink chargers are something I picked up at Ross
a few years back.

I love these floral plates
larkspur and roses are garden favorites.
they are Edwin M. Knowles
I don't know the pattern name
(but would love to!)
They came from a gargae sale last year
a dollar a plate.

The silverware was my Grandmother Ruby's.

The napkins are
Simpily Shabby Chic
from target
simpily tied with a white ribbon,
and a sprig of paper larkspur tucked in.

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Feb 23, 2010

Cupid Roams My Garden

Several Years ago,  right after Christmas
I spied this statue in a garden center in Seattle

The statuary shop (The Secret Garden) was closed..
This is the view I had of "cupid"

I Loved the idea of cupid sneaking through my garden
with his quiver of love arrows...
looking to bring love to all who cross his path.

Truth be told....
when I purchased him his receipt said "The Hunter"
and the front of the statue was not as "romantic" as the back.
But I was sure he would work out.

When I got him home I struggled to find a place for him in the garden
where he could be cupid like.

Finially.. I had the crazy idea to face him towards the lattice fence,
buried deep in the bushes.

Just peaking through......

Silently... keeping watch on the patio

Waiting... for an unsuspecting victim to cross his path:-)

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Feb 22, 2010

Nursery Shopping Diversion

Friday was a Beautiful day!
So we headed off to the nursery to buy
a few new roses for the garden.

We are driving along enjoying the sunshine...
When I see boxes and stuff
 all over someones lawn....
It could not be a GARAGE SALE in FEBRUARY
unheard of!

This wicker chair was sitting there so pretty,
No price, I ask....holding my breath alittle,
I could not pay her fast enough!

I love this curley cue style wicker, I have two smaller
chairs and a stool in this style on my front porch,
And I am always on the prowl for more!

So we go to the nursery center, Buy some Beautiful Roses.

That night I still have garage sales on the brain.
So I peak at craigs list and find a few more
sales on Saturday that sound promising. 

Could I be so lucky?

So for $12 more dollars I scored the following

This stunning vintage umbrella with rhinestone decorated handle.

A Vintage pearl double strand necklace, 
 with a lovley rhinestone clasp. 
I love the special details on vintage jewelery

A velvety millinery flower,

a 1901 needle book in perfect condition
from Edward Rose

And this sweet dimensional rose crocheted pillow.

It was a Great Haul!

I'm sure we will be back to our rainy spring
Northwest weather soon.

But what a great break!

Hope you had a Fabulous weekend!

Feb 18, 2010

Bird & Cloche

 The Birds have begun to sing....
and I thought that they would be a perfect theme
for a trio of cloches :-)

Spring cannot come soon enough!

In this cloche I hung a beautiful card of caged caneries
I was sure to line the floor with vintage french newsprint
in case there were any accidents :-)

This cloche is simpily a nest with a few real eggs
and a rock that says HOPE

There can never be enough Hope

This last cloche features another nest
(I love bird nests if you hadn't guessed)

For the Fancy Bird
This nest was "built" in an
old silver covered butter dish

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Feb 16, 2010

Cherub Candlestick

Over the weekend my Sweetheart and I
stopped by an antique store to browse.

And I found this great candlestick holder!
I must have cherubs on the brain:-)

Even better yet he was $8.00 but 40% Off.
Great Deal, Yeah!

So I am all happy, I get him home to notice he is missing a finger :-(
Still O.K.,  He likes to hold things:-)

In the thrill of the find,  I often forget to check the details.
Does this happen to You?

Still with this sweet face, I couldn't be happier!

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Feb 13, 2010

Penny Postcard Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!

These are just a few Vintage Penny Postcard Valentines.
There is something so sweetly simply about Penny Postcards,
  I always find them hard to resist. 

The back reads:

I send this word
to you my love,
I will always hold true,
As long as you love me,
my love.
I surely will love you.

Cards sent in a simple time when strreet addresses were not necessary,
Just a name, town, and state name got it there.

The brief messages make me think of text messages,
 big thoughts abbreviated into small spaces.
The old way was so much more endearing :-)

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 Hope your Valentines Day is Special!

Feb 11, 2010

Romance Novel Covers

In this week of Romance,
  I thought I would share with you a few
Beautifuly Illustrated  Vintage Romance Novel Covers

This Book is simpily titled
Love Poems
by famous authors

I love to think of the women who owned these books
many years ago, and their lives.

  I think of them sitting in beautiful gardens, in
beautiful dresses reading and daydreaming.
True Romance!

This book is titled
its copyright is 1909
Sounds Steamy!
Isn't this ladies hat fabulous!
Maybe this summer, I'll put on a beautiful dress,
sit in the garden, read one of these books and daydream :-)

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Valentines Table For Two

I wanted to set just a Small Sweet Table For Two.
So I used the center table in the front parlor.

Cozy :-)

This Tiny Porcelain Rose Candle Holder, 
is sooo sweet.

I tied a old keys to my front door heart to the napkins
for alittle whimsey.

Sugar Cookies are a meal,  right? 
On Valentines Day I think I can get away with it.

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Feb 8, 2010

Spring Flowers

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Since so many of you are buried knee deep in snow, 
I thought I would share with you some of my spring blooming flowers

Here in the Northwest we almost always have snow 
(which I really enjoy),
but this year it passed us by,  and spring is coming into full swing.

So yesterday I planted some primroses,  fairy primroses, and hyacinths.
They smell wonderful!
I picked a Tiny Bouquet of Snowdrops,
 and used my minature mint julip cup for a vase.

Don't you Love how the center of the snowdrops have an upsidedown green heart!
It is Valentines week you know :-)

The Winter Daphne is just beginning to bloom, 
they perfume the yard and smell incredible!

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