Mar 31, 2010

Easter Table...

Happy Easter!
Tonight I am going to share with you my Easter Table.

(click photos to enlarge)

I have set a pink and green Easter table,
with a bit of yellow.
I don't usually use so much color...
but for Easter I couldn't resist!

Here is a birds eye view...

The plates are Wedgwood for Martha Stewart,
in the Rose pattern.
I bought these at Macy's a couple of weeks ago..
they were originaly $19.99 marked down to $5.99,
 then take 30%  off.. which equaled a great deal!

The pink chargers are from Ross many years ago

The silver belonged to my grandmother,
pattern unknown.

Here is a view of the center..
I set sweet ceramic chicks around,
and lit candles in my pink flower votive holders.

The bouquet is fresh from the garden..
pink tulips with pink hellebores around the edges.
I used a cabbage leaf bowl..
with bunnies holding up the sides,  as my vase.

these little trays are from Michaels Crafts dollar bins
(don't you love their dollar goodies?)
Jordan Almonds are my favorite Easter Candy.

The napkin Rings are simple silk flowers...

I love the white on white embroidery,
on the vintage cotton table runner....

and just because...
I'm still..  a little obsessed with photo play,
I edited this with a heavy oil painting setting.
It looks dreamy blown up,
just click the photo to see.

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Mar 30, 2010

White Rabbits...

I thought today we would brave the nasty weather..
and look around the garden..
for white rabbits...

(click to enlarge photos)

First to set the mood though..
I wanted to share this gorgeous Easter post card,
of  yes... white rabbits!

O.K. grab your boots cause it is muddy here today!

Here is a white rabbit on the patio..
guarding the tulips.

This white rabbit is a weathervane topper...
on top of the gazebo.

At night his silhouette...
 reminds me of the cow that jumped over the moon,
just the rabbit version.

I have a few rabbits in this style...
they strike me as guard rabbits,
so I like to set them beside pathways.

My lady of the garden even has her own rabbit..
do you see it?
At the edge, by her knee.

A vase of garden fresh flowers...
viburnum burwoodii & bridal wreath spirea.
and some lounging rabbits,
they are salt and pepper shakers.

Today I am joining two fun groups!

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Mar 29, 2010

Dream Time...

Today has been a VERY RAINY day!
So instead of spring cleaning...
 I went blogging around :-)

did some photo play at picnik,
It was so pretty,
 it inspired me to play some time away!

I used paintnet cause thats what I have,
and used a medium oil painting setting.
I thought it gave the photos a dreamy quality,
and since I am sharing my nightstand...
it seemed a perfect fit :-)

(click photos to enlarge it shows the effect better)

A couple weeks ago I did a post on my..
  After posting I put the tray on my nightstand...
and have loved it there since.

This is the electric candle I posted  last week..
I put it on my nightstand too.
It makes a nice nightlight.

And a pillar candle because...
I just love burning fragrant candles,
This one is jasmine bouquet.

A vase of bleeding hearts...
I rescued from the rain!

Of course there are a couple chocolates kisses...
on the tray.

Sweet Dreams!

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Todays Flowers...

Today... I thought I would share with you...
a few flowers from the garden.

(click photos to enlarge)

An ocean of violets in bloom,
I love the sweet smell of violets in the garden.

My Grandmother Ruby grew violets when I was little...
and I loved to pick the tiny flowers.
So they always hold a special place in my heart :-)

My sweet little fawn lilies are still popping up!
see the spotty leaves like a fawn.

These blue flowers are some kind of allium (I think),
the name eludeds me (?).

Today I am Joining a new party...
This is a fun party where you can see flowers...
from all around the world!
I'm sure it's to become a favorite place of mine to visit!

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Mar 28, 2010

Easter Mosaic...

Here is a mosaic I made...
using some photos I have shown,
with a few new ones mixed in.

(click to enlarge)

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Mar 27, 2010

Easter Blog Hop...

It's official...
It's Easter Week!

Today I am joining a Vintage Easter Blog Hop...

(click to enlarge photo)

These are repurposed vintage...

I made these last year..
they are paper mache eggs dressed...
in silk fabric, lace, and netting,
with vintage millinery flowers

I love the millinery clover on this lavender egg..

This pink one has a mixed bouquet...

here is the pink one again in a top view.

And here is an unusual Vintage Easter Card...
Bunnys got a gun!
It reads A Happy Easter..
In German.

Hope everyones having a great weekend!

Today I am joining Joan at Anything Goes Here
For A Vintage Easter Blog Hop

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Anna's Humminbird...

My King Edward Currant tree..
popped into full bloom a couple days ago..
It is a favorite of the hummingbirds,
and they are all over it!

This is a female Anna's Hummingbird,
they live here year round in the Puget Sound.

The males have just started their courtship dives this week...
When a female comes into their territory..
the male flies up to 100 feet in the air,
 and dives down towards her,
at rates of up to 58 mph!
at the end of the dive they pull up and flare their tail feathers..
making a series of loud squeaky noises.

(click photos for a larger view)

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Mar 25, 2010

Felted Chicks...

A couple years ago...
I saw a guest on Martha Stewart make needle felted chicks.
They were too cute, and I had to try!

(click photos for a larger view)

So.. you start with loose dyed wool...
a long, sharp barbed needle,
and you kinda shape it and push the needle into it,
until it holds the shape..

These are really small..
the bases are made from a pop bottle caps,
covered in organza ribbon.

It was a really fun project..  so fun that...

My husband wanted to try,
He is very creative, and has a great eye for detail!

So Mrs. Chick was given a flower for a bonnet...
and Mr. Chick recieved a felt top hat.
Together they are quite the stylish pair..
decked out in their Easter Best :-)

I see these beautiful craft rooms in magazines...
and sometimes wish I had a girly haven to create in.

But... I share a hobby / craft room with my sweetie,
he has his crafts,  and I have mine..
but.. we have a really great time creating together.

These chicks are a little silly..
but... I remember the time making them,
and it is a great memory!

Tonight I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home
For Show and Tell Friday

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