May 9, 2010

Tea in the Garden...

When Cielo at The House in the Roses,
decided to host a Victorian Tea Party,
I thought it was a great idea to go all out...
and have some fun!

Come join me in the garden...
it's a beautiful day!

(click photos to enlarge)

My rabbit stands at the trail head..
to welcome you to his little garden.

That butterfly really landed on his ear..
a perfect moment!

Come on down the rabbit trail...

A cozy nook in the garden to spend the day...

The dappled sunlight...

A tray of goodies to nosh...

Grab a cup...
do you take lemon?

There are little sandwiches..
cucumber and cream cheese.

I cut them out like flowers,
with my cookie cutter :-)

Strawberry tartelettes,
with a sprig of chocolate mint
fresh from my garden.

Fresh blackberries,
and nibbles of angel food cake.

There wasn't room on the tray for the teapot..
so it has it's own tiny table,
close by the swing
in arms reach.

Come sit down...
don't swing too hard,
you'll spill your tea :-)

Relax and unwind...
it is a lovely day!

 I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful
 Mothers Day Weekend!

Do join Cielo
for her Victorian Tea Party!

I am  sure there will be many delightful
parties to attend!

And the Tea Parties Continue...
 I am also joining..

Lady Katherine for Tea Time Tuesday

Thanks for visiting,