May 30, 2010


Today being the first day of my husband's vacation,
we decided to take a little day trip
and see if we could find the sun.
It's been absent here at home for a couple weeks.

We found a little sun there and had a great time
just relaxing.
I love long car trips!

So we drove across the Cascade mountains south of Mount Rainer.
Along the way I snapped some photos of wildflowers
to share with you.

(click photos to enlarge)

The wild Lupine covered the hillside,
and smelled so sweet!

The rest of the flowers I don't know the names of...
bright and sunny yellow flowers...

Isn't it elegant?

The hummingbirds were crazy about these,
but my camera wasn't fast enough :-)

More cheery yellows...

so small and delicate...

The hills were covered with these tall yellow flowers,
they were a little past their prime,
but still made a lovely display.

and just for fun... a Magpie.
aren't they pretty?
We don't have them at home
 and they are always a treat to see.

My husband grew up in Eastern Washington,
and fondly remembers the Magpies from his childhood.

Today I am joining Today's Flower
Come join this fun group to view flowers
 from around the world!

Thanks for visiting me today,