Jun 10, 2010

Lovely Lady Project Reveal..

A couple weeks ago...
 I shared with you
that I was having a fun project done
in my garden.
Here is  that post if you want to read it:-)

(click photos to enlarge)

Here is my Lovely Lady now...
but before we look to close,
I should show you my dirty secret :-)

Here was the starting point.
This has been a dirty mess on the patio
for the last year,
just waiting for this project.

I have been wanting a small reflecting pond on the patio
since we first bought this house.
(there wasn't even a patio then)!

on with the reveal!

First we had the greatest mason
build this little cement pond.

and at that point..
My plan was to stop there
and fill it with plants.

But then, We thought maybe we would add a little water feature...
so shopping we went!

Then I saw this lovely lady!

And since it is our early anniversary present,
we decided to blow the budget   treat ourselves...

I have a great view of her out my family room window,
and love the soft sound of the water splashing.

We placed her right into the pond...
because I love that she is barefoot!
A girl after my own heart:-)

Just for fun...
I set my film speed at sixteen hundred for this photo...
It froze the water drops it the air!
(you can enlarge the photo by clicking it)

and of course...
there have to be flowers!

Our garden centers don't have pond plants in yet,
so I had to "borrow" a few from Mike's pond.

Isn't the reflection in the water pretty?
I am gonna spend a lot of time sitting on the edge
gazing in this summer.

Today I am joining a couple fun parties!

Cindy at My Romantic Home


Jessica at A Few of My Favorite Things

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Rosie@Journey to Charm said...

Oh, that's beautiful. She's so lovely. You'll never regret purchasing her. What a peaceful setting. It's so rich looking, too. How great that you can see her from inside, too. What a view.

A Garden of Threads said...

A wonderful water feature, a great focal point to see from the house. She looks great in the pond. Stunning.

Susan said...

Oh Bella! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Your lady is sooooo perfect. And the photos, fabulous. The frozen water shot is incredible. Love it all. GREAT JOB! Susan

Blondie's Journal said...

What a fantastic idea...right off your patio where you can enjoy it! You did a great job~it's gorgeous and I love the pretty lady! Enjoy!


Olga said...

Wow, a little pond with such beautiful lady in your own patio. Great project. It's truly impressive!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Bella, you are absolutely right...it is beautiful...and it would be a really nice treat to be able to look out the window and see this from inside too.


Ruth said...

Bella, this is so so beautiful. you lovely lady is very lovely indeed... have a great weekend!

D said...

I sure love your lovely lady and the new pond. I know you will enjoy her and the beautiful sounds of the water.

Cabin and Cottage said...

Well you know--this is pretty spectacular! You must be very pleased. So gorgeous and I hope you enjoy the heck out of it! I didn't take the time to say so but I enjoyed your pink glass and especially your fabulous peonies from your last post. Hope you get to sit in your garden this weekend! Jacqueline

Jilly said...

So beautiful!!! You have done a great job and inspired me to keep going in my garden. Thankyou for sharing!!!

Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima said...

Bella, I am speechless! Wowwww!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Bella, Your pond looks great! It looks so nice with the statue in it and the waterlily is nice also. A job well done. Have a great Friday and enjoy watching the dragonflys buzzing about your new pond..Julian

Sandra said...

It's beautiful!
I like the lovely lady very much!
How do you call the flower?
In spanish is "nenufar", "ninfea" or "lirio de agua"(water lily).
Thanks for so much beauty.

suzeeez said...

Just Beautiful! I love your lady you added,wish she was in my pond. Now for even more appeal you should get a couple of small goldfish or a couple of frogs :o)

Theresa said...

Love, Love, Love it! Bet you're having your morning coffee there about now.

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Hi Bella :) How beautiful is that! How wonderful to sit and relax and enjoy the peaceful tranquility. I too would sit there for hours and just gaze upon this beautiful setting!

Have a wonderful weekend, warmest hugs, Brenda

mariondee-designs said...

Absolutely beautiful! Just love it! Might have to something similar in my yard! take care, Maryann

Heather said...

Lovely reflecting pond Bella! Will you be planting a climber for that trellis? Perfect statue too, love it!

Victorian1885 said...

Good morning Bella
Your reflecting pond is amazing..I love the glamorous statue, she is beautiful! Great job..have a good weekend!


Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

Hi Bella!
It's just GORGEOUS!!! A reflecting pool is something I've wanted in my yard forever. I love the addition of the lady with the vase fountain too; she adds a nice focal point to the pool. Great job! It turned out so beautifully!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness! This is breathtaking! I love it!


So so pretty. Was worth every bit of the work.

stefanie said...

is soooooo beatiful...I laughed because I always do that..its almost my birthday..its almost our anniversary!!
It is in the perfect place too, and I love the brick.

Damaris said...

OH, she is just BEAUTIFUL!! What a treasure you have found!! XXOO

Lavender Cottage said...

It was worth the wait to see your finished project Bella - a formal reflecting pool that is just gorgeous!!!
I went strawberry picking today at one of the local farms and they smell and tast sooo good.

Michella said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!!! Is she new or old? I loved the post where you put flowers in her basket too!!! I think either way she looks amazing. Soooo beautiful!! Would it be alright if I put a picture of her on my blog (I am brand spanking new at this) but I want to do it right!! I would of course give you all the credit :)) I want to have a "Wish List" somewhere off to the side and she would definitely be on it!!!
I became a follower :)) Who knew following could be so fun!! I already had added you to my list of favorites!!
Have a blessed day!!

House and Garden Boutique said...

Just love the new pond......it's absolutely beautiful. You must enjoy it so much now at this time of the year. Have a glass of wine for me on your patio this weekend!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, Bella, this is inspirational. How beautiful. The photos are amazing and it looks like a little slice of paradise you have there.

Thank you so much for sharing another great post.

Happiness and peace,

Crystal said...

This is amazing!! It's so fabulous. The stones, the lovely lady, and flowers!!!

Princesa Nadie said...

Your projet is a great idea and your stone lady is beautiful,,,Love

Mary said...

How lovely!

Green Willow Pond said...

Oh my, my, my. Just stunning. I can almost hear the water cascading. What an awesome anniversary gift!

Melissa said...

What a gorgeous pond and I like that it isn't in ground - something so welcoming about it - I just want to sit on the edge of it.