Jun 4, 2010

New Pink Teacups...

This morning I went out
and visited a few garage sales:-)

(click photos to enlarge)
Sorry..  This first one won't enlarge
I don't know why?

I was so excited when I found this group of Pink Teacups..
I knew right away I would have to share them
with the Pink Ladies
for Pink Saturday!

It's an uneven set of...
eight cups and five plates.

But what a deal at twenty dollars!

They are the Georgian pattern
by Homer Laughlin...

Don't they have a pretty bouquet?

and... one of my Pink Peonies
floated in the cup.

Flowers, flowers, everywhere...
Isn't that the best part of summer?

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!
I can't wait to go to more sales in the morning!

Today I am joining...
Beverly at How Sweet The Sound

Thanks for visiting me today,


Melissa said...

Very pretty understated teaset...I am sure we will see them in some pretty vignette or tablescape soon!!

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Hi Bella :) What a terrific find with these beautiful teacups, and pink to boot! The bouquet on these are so sweet :) I've only been to maybe two garage sales so far this year :( And I didn't find a thing, darn.

Hope you find lots of treasures while you're out tomorrow!

Happy Pink Saturday, warmest hugs, Brenda

Olga said...

Just adorable!

Victorian1885 said...

What lovely china! The pink is so perfect..


Atelier de Charo said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Happy Pink Saturday!

stefanie said...

what a great find!!!

Ruth said...

Hi Bella, what a lovely pink collection!

Thanks for visiting me...:)
Have a great weekend!

Carolyn said...

Pretty teacups and lovely peony. I also love your favorite spot to sit and enjoy your garden.


Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Bella.

Those are gorgeous, and how lucky you were to find them. I have a set of Homer Laughlin in the Jean pattern.

Roselle said...

OMG...that is my favorite Homer Laughlin pattern. Just gorgeous. You got a great deal and were very lucky to find them!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Beautiful pattern! I always enjoy the surprise in the bottom of the cups. Your peony looks pretty sweet sitting in there! Happy PS, Connie

Debby said...

Oh my, love your new china, they are so pretty and the peony is wonderful.

gabrieladelworth.com said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Love this flower in the tea cup! So chic!

~ Gabriela ~

Princesa Nadie said...

Ilove your cups. Kisses

A Write Life said...

Great pictures. Love your find. Thinking I need to run out and find some of my own. Have a great day!

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Happy Pink Saturday!! Love it, teacups and pink peonies are two of my favorite things.

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

Hi Bella!
Darling tea cups! I love the beautiful delicate filigree border around the flowers on the saucers and the pink is just the softest, delicate pink.... love them!!!!

Leann said...

Love the new china and the peonie looks lovely in the cup!


Esther said...

Hello and a very happy Pink Saturday to you!!

It's a very hot summerday in The Netherlands and I'm enjoying all pink posts in the garden! Love Es XX

maría cecilia said...

Hola Bella, how lucky of you!!!!! Beautiful pink tea cups, and a perfect combination with the peonies!!! Lovely!!!
Maria Cecilia

Ginger said...

WOW what a find, they are exquisite. I would love to have some like those. I love Homer Laughlin. And PINK to boot. Great job. Happy PS


Esther said...

Hello and a very happy Pink Saturday to you!!

It's a very hot summerday in The Netherlands and I'm enjoying all pink posts in the garden! Love Es XX

Maggie said...

I just love dishes of all sorts and i've recently started colleting teacups, so I'm just coveting these dishes!

Happy PS!

Do These shoes match this purse?

Lavender Cottage said...

Sometimes the saucer is prettier than the cup and I think it is planned that way. Good find.
My husband went with me today to a village garage sale - up & down all the streets are homeowners and others set up with their stuff. I can't believe he offered to buy me a cup & saucer if I found one I had to have but nothing caught my fancy. (he also said he's never doing that again!)
I enjoyed your previous post with the area on the porch when you sit and relax, looks pretty cozy. (I like pink lemonade too)

Pat said...

Your garage sale finds are terrific - I've never been that lucky!

Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima said...

What a treasure!Can't wait to see more!
Have a relaxing, full of flowers Sunday!
Hugs from Italy

Madelief said...

Dear Bella,

Such beautiful teacups! What a great find. Wish we had cups like this in Holland!

Happy sunday!

Lieve groet, Madelief

someplace in thyme said...

Just beautiful. I am amazed at what people no longer want, but it's always good for those of us on the lookout. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Katy Noelle said...


Thanks for sharing, Katy

Nishant said...

The pink is so perfect..
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Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Bella,

What beautiful pink teacups! Great find!