Jul 31, 2010

Last Day of July...

I can't believe it's the last day of July..
time really does fly by!

With the crazy weather we have been having,
It just doesn't seem possible to be starting August yet!

Usually this time of year I am hiding from the heat,
but it has been a gentle summer,
with beautiful seventy degree days
perfect for lazy behavior:-)

Shall we visit the garden?

(click photos to enlarge)

The papery flowers of a Flowering Maple (Abutilon)...

a bud of the Eden Rose,
laying lazily on the lattice
(don't you love a tongue twister?)

The Anemone flowers are beginning to bloom
I have several varieties,
I will share once they get more showy...

A favorite Hydrangea..
I love the clean white edge on the purple:-)

The chartreuse buds of the same plant...
just as beautiful as the blooms...

The next three flowers are butterfly favorites..
I have seen very few "flying flowers" this year,
hopefully the flowers will lure them in:-)

This one is Bee Balm...

Of course Cone Flowers (Echinacea) are one of their favorites!

How could they resist their namesake?
the Butterfly Bush :-)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer weekend!

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Jul 29, 2010

Picket Fence Meandering...

Even tough I live in a very small town,
I live very downtown..
So.. I tend to hide out in the back garden a lot,
It's my little refuge:-)

Today I thought we would meander the front garden a bit:-)

(click photos to enlarge)

A laundry tub turned planter sits by the front door,
This is the garage sale chair I found back in February.

Cupids Darts grow on both sides of the front arbor..
at the feet of...

the High Hopes rose...

The garden Phlox are opening all around,
they will fill the garden with color
 all the way through the fall...

Drumstick Alliums add a magical element to the garden...

More Garden Phlox bursting with color...
some Yarrow, Mallow and barely open Coneflowers
in the background...

A perfect Tiffany Rose :-)

I had to share a few photos from the back garden too....

My lady statue in profile,
she appears to be smelling the Hollyhocks:-)

and a front view...
I like the sweep of blurry colors to her right
like a watercolor...

The Black Headed Grosbeaks
have brought their babies to the garden,
A pure delight to watch!

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Jul 27, 2010

Laundry Day...

Beautiful blue skies call for
lazy days..

Hanging laundry on the line...

and watching it drip dry...

a sun made of lace...

Looking through the lace...

Soaking in the sweet scents of summer,
Like only line dried laundry can...

The pink embroidered center,
of a favorite new tablecloth...

Sun lace shadows shining through...

A sun lace drawing on the bricks...

crisp precise cutwork embroidery,
with sun lace weaving it's lazy shadows behind it...

I dry the smalls on a little rack,
on top of a vintage laundry tub....

layers of white lovelies,
with cheerful embroidery..

a couple so frilly hankies...

Bright and fresh whites...

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Jul 26, 2010

Lavender Lemonade...

Summer days and summer nights!
We are finally having warm summer evenings.

(click photos to enlarge)

So I dressed my garden swing up...
Piles of pillows...
a little table to hold refreshments...

A quite nook in the garden,
A perfect place for tea...

But it's too hot for tea tonight!

since my trip to the Lavender Farm
I have been obsessed with Lavender.

So tonight I am serving Lavender Lemonade.

I have include the recipe I used
on my new Recipe page
The tab is right under my header..

The candles were lit...

I made the lemonade in the glass teapot

Icy cold Lavender Lemonade...

served in jelly jars,
with the sweetest star pattern,
perfect for a night under the stars :-)

Each glass has a stem of Lavender,
and a sprig of Mint...

I stopped at the bakery for Cranberry Scones..
it is too hot to bake:-)

Served on a pretty vintage dish,
garnished with flowers :-)

See all the way on the right?
It's the first Lily of the year!
Filling the night with it's heady fragrance...

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Jul 25, 2010

Cottage Bicycle...

How about a bike ride on a summer day?

It's a stationary bike..
it's baskets full of posies:-)

(click photos to enlarge)

I got this cute old bike free!
a few years back.
and turned it into a whimsical planter

The front basket holds this once pink bird house
I made many years ago.
Little tree frogs often take up residence
in birdhouses around the garden.

The little pink house has it's own bee wind chime:-)

The back baskets flowers are starting to bloom...

The baskets are stuffed with moss,
 a creeping succulent plant binds it all together...

Pretty Pink Petunias and Catmint,
a favorite combo of mine...
Bright blue hydrangeas (endless summer)
make a happy backdrop...

Johnny Jump ups by the petals...

and more climbing the old spokes...

Grab the handle bars and come for a ride:-)

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