Jul 7, 2010

Summer Dining...

We broke eighty degrees for the first time today!

(click photos to enlarge)

So the time for outdoor dining
has finally arrived!

I set the table in the gazebo...

I planned on an all white table,
but I couldn't resist adding some pink:-)

an overview...

There are two small bouquets,
Feverfew and Ballerina Roses
in these tiny cement planters.

There is no silverware today.
I will be serving finger foods
for a lazy day nosh.

This tray will hold little sandwiches and crudites...

This bowl will hold a variety of fruits..

My Limoges bowl,
with it's dreamy little roses.
Will set in the center of the table
floating lemon slices and a couple fallen blossoms.

I love the smell of lemon...
Isn't it refreshing on a hot day?

After dinner it will be used as a finger bowl to freshen up
our sticky fruit fingers:-)

The napkins are vintage,
with sprigs of flowers as their only enhancement.

Setting the table is hard work..
for the dogs!

Twiggy felt the need for a sweet nap.

My dogs love to prop their heads up
on makeshift pillows while they sleep!
Do yours?

Cosmo on the other hand was full of puppy energy
and stole my seat!

I hope you are enjoying your day!

I am going to copy Twiggy
and take a nap in the gazebo:-)

Today I am joining
Susan at Between Naps on the Porch

Thanks for visiting me today!