Aug 14, 2010

Poppy Seeds...

(click on photos to enlarge)

Do you remember my Lavender Poppies?
They are long gone...but

I have gathered a dish full of seeds...

To share with you :-)
Sherry and Judith each have a packet set aside...

I will have enough seeds for twenty packets..
If you would like one
just e-mail me your address
(click the little birdie on the top of my right sidebar).

I am having to limit this to the US and Canada
because of shipping costs and boarder customs.

Get them while they last!

I am so glad to see so many of you loving seeds :-)
But I have given them all away... sorry :-(

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Yeah...
Bella I am so thrilled with the seeds set aside for me. I was so in hopes you wouldn't forget. I can't wait to see how they will do here in Phoenix. It will be a test of sorts. I still wonder if I couldn't plant them and grow them year round here. I have seen orange poppies at Home Depot and Lowes, but I have never seen your beautiful lavendar. Will they come back year to year Bella?

Thank you sweet friend. I am over the top thrilled. Many hugs sweet friend. Love, Sherry

Mariette said...

Dearest Bella,

Those are lovely; my favorite color but the heat in Georgia will do them no good. That's too bad; so for me it's only on your blog where I can enjoy them...

Sunny greetings from Georgia


Tete said...

Bella, Sent an email.
These are so pretty and purple is my favorite color.
What a nice thing to do.
Maybe if we all did this, just think of all the fun we could spread!
Hugs- Tete

A Garden of Threads said...

Bella, That is so thoughtful of you. The poppies are lovely, I would love a packet. I sent you an e-mail. Take care.

meemsnyc said...

Oooh, Poppies! I'll email you my info.

Sarah said...

Bella, I would love some of the poppy seeds. I'll send an email immediately. Thanks!

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Bella :) I would love to have a packet of these lovely Poppies :) I've just emailed you my address. Thanks so much for offering these to your blogging friends!!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Jean said...

I would love to have some. Those are so beautiful. Am trying to e-mail you with no luck.

Kleines Rosenhaus said...

Hi Bella
Es ist so schade, dass ich so weit entfernt bin, nicht nur wegen der Samen. Ich würde so gerne einmal deinen Garten sehen, die Garage, wo du das traumhafte Porzellan erstanden hast und noch so einiges mehr.
Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag.

Maleviks Rosenträdgård said...

Nice as usual.....and Thank You for the words on my blog
Hugs from Håkan

Cabin and Cottage said...

Good morning bella Bella! I imagine this is routine to trade seeds with other gardeners, but it's such a charming practice. I have never seen lavender poppies! I missed them on your blog either because it was before April that you posted on them or it just didn't register with me. I wonder if I will take up gardening in my dotage?

The "garden" is about five foot square, and my in house "gardener" throws about ninety packets of seeds over the ground where the automatic sprinkler reaches. Or not. He's wondering why HIS sun flowers aren't seven foot high like the neighbors! Ha! Cosmos, and Zinnias that will grow with neglect. What looks like a daisy is an undernourished zinnia! It's looking at you with eyes like those poor pups in those Humane Society commercials! Can you hear the sad music and that voice? It's mine.

Of course I'm only kidding. A little. And so nice of you to always check in. Keep that lemonade flowing! Or is it beer like Sarah at the Beach Cottage! Ha! JQ

Kom Achterom said...

OOh Bella what a nice idea!!
i love them but it is to far away snik!!
hugs Yolanda

NanaDiana said...

YOOOO-HOOOO-To all you losers- I got my name into the top twenty...Nanananyboobooo. Remember doing that as a kid? yeah...Me neither!
Anyway...I am so tickled to be included in this seed give away. What a wonderful idea. My grandmother was always one to be giving "starts" of plants to people all over our area...and my mother did a bit of that too. So..thank you, Bella. Each time I look at those poppies I will think of you and this wonderful world of BlogLand! Diana

Ruth said...

how very kind and thoughtful you are Bella... too bad i don't live in the US of Canada..:(

Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Bella
Thank you for thinking of me with the beautiful lavender poppies. Friendship plants are the nicest ones to have in a garden; and if that friend has passed on, the flower reminds you warmly of them.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I could not resist taking you up on your offer of poppy seeds. If you have some left let me know. I will give you my address in Canada.

Marilyn said...

Sent an email with my address so if you still have some seeds, I'd love some. Thanks! ♥♫

Tanya said...

Hi Bella,
I can't seem to get through on your email, so I will send my email and IF you can would love to hear from you. The seeds would be lovely to have in Kansas! If you are out, I completely understand!! You are so sweet to do this!!

Princesa Nadie said...

Poppy is a lovely flower.You are really generous giving your seeds
I am too far to receive them, anyway Thanks
I never had seen lavender poppies!

Olga said...

Oh no, I was gone for couple days and missed your poppy seeds giveaway ;-( Your poppies are very pretty and the little seed packets are so cute. It's so sweet of you to share the seeds with other bloggers.
Have a wonderful week!

P.S. I love your new profile photo. You are so beautiful, just like the flowers from your garden.

Wanda Lee said...

I adore poppies!

I have been so busy that I missed leaving a comment last week, yet I must say your tea post was, as always, just exquisite!.., I especially adored that teaset and special tea/coffee/chocolate-pot; simply stunning!

These pictures of your poppy seed packets are darling!

Thanks for sharing this with us!..,

~Oh do also come by and enjoy this week's delightful; 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland'!..,

.., Please come and join us for our weekly blog tea parties; for my 44th, 'Tuesday Tea For Two', my 35th, 'Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee', as well as for my shared meme with my dear friend Pam for our 16th, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'; there are many new delights that await you this week!

..,We always love having you join us and we thank you very much for also joining us in the past!..,

*We;(Pam and I both, respectively);we both work full time as self-employed persons and we sincerely apologize when we are unable to get back to you as soon as we would prefer!..,Your blog posts are always so wonderful!

Have a marvelous week! ~ Hope to see you soon dear lady!

Cheers and hugs from wanda Lee

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