Oct 14, 2010

Country & Country Magazine!

Way back is the spring...
the very wet and cold spring :-)

Cinzia D'Agostino an editor at
 Country & Country Magazine
a lovely Italian magazine
contacted me and asked to feature me!

I had only been blogging a couple months
and had very few high quality photos to offer
and the horrible spring we had was no help
in producing blooms:-)

I asked if she would give me a little time..
she was gracious and patient!
I finally mailed her a bunch of photos
a couple months ago...

Since then
I have kept my fingers crossed...

(click photos to enlarge)
(that's my photo on the bottom right!)

Then a big envelope showed up
in my mailbox a couple days ago
 covered in Italian stamps!!!

I am so thrilled...
I never thought I would be so lucky!

I am sure you recognize most of the photos
from my blog...

 Truthfully if it were not
for you and my blog..
and the encouragement you offer me,
I never would have realized this dream..
so I am sending everyone a big hug and thank you!

I planned to translate the text for you...
but you know how that can go
some things are just lost in translation :-)

It is a dream come true
to be feature in a magazine!!
My head is so in the clouds :-))

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