Nov 7, 2010

Go Faux...

On my blog,
The question I am most often asked is...

(click photos to enlarge)

What will I do
when there are no more roses in my garden?

Well,  we are getting pretty close to finding out...

On rainy days like today,
when I am stuck inside...
It's important to me to still feel connected to the garden...

So I bring it inside anyway I can
and I don't mind going faux...

I draped  faux Eucalyptus over the dining room mirror...

I bet you thought that mauve and plum Eucalyptus
 was real ;-)

In the background you can see the fall branches
I swagged on my archway..
I shared that post with you
here last night...

Silk white roses mix with dried
in little silver cups...

A swag of Silk Hydrangea
adorns my headboard...

Sweet cozy fall dreams in my cottage tonight...

Tonight I am joining
Vanessa for Inspiration Friday

Thanks for stopping by today!


Shelia said...

Hi Bella! Oh, you do have gorgeous roses! You've set up some lovely vignettes! I'm so glad you don't mind the faux ones too. That's mostly what I use! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Tete said...

I can't wait until you start building snowmen!
Hugs- Tete

A Garden of Threads said...

Bella, What a great way to bring the garden indoors. Love all the roses, dried or silk they are perfect. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful week.

The shabby paris market said...

WOW! They all look real: ) Have you ever watched the movie Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock? I SO love that house on there! But...did you know that all the flowers surrounding it..those lush cottage gardens...are all faux?? Amazing!

Love all your ideas...makes me want to get off my keister and get some things done! lol!

Have a fab week :)


Suzann said...

Hello Bella,
Absolutely beautiful!!!
Your faux looks so real!

High Heeled Life said...

Bella, your ideas continue to inspire...HHL

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Bella
I love the headboard and how you draped the faux hydrangeas - very romantic.
I also see the unnamed thingy has crept into another post. :-)
Hope you had a good rest this weekend and did some things for you.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Those dried white roses in the silver cups have stolen my pretty!

xoxo laurie

Blondie's Journal said...

Faux can be very pretty as long as it is quality material, like silk. I love the swags and the pretty silk roses in the silver cups! Beautiful!


Mariette said...

Dearest Bella,

Indeed, nothing wrong with quality 'faux' roses or whatever. As long as they are not in a tacky color or fake state; that turns me off more than anything else. The same with overly fake scented candles... Nothing beats the real thing unless it is a darn good life-like replica!

Have a great week and chilly greetings from Georgia,


Cabin and Cottage said...

Sorry about the rain! We're having the kind of fall weather that NM is famous for. Come on down! It obviously makes for some lovely moody lighting for your pretty photos. JQ to YOU

NanaDiana said...

What no BRIGHT BLUE roses with shiny, bright green leaves? Or some of those Yellow/Orange like Nature never intended ones? Couldn't you find them at Walmart? Don't you think they'd make an especially nice jarring note there amongst all your white? What? Maybe I should buy some myself? Well, maybe I will. I think they might make a nice Christmas present, don't you? Just say the word and I will whisper the secret to your husband so he can fill a vase for you for Christmas. Bella-It is as beautiful in your blog tonight as it is every time I visit. Hugs- Diana

Kleines Rosenhaus said...

Guten Morgen Bella
Ich brauche Rosen auch für mein Wohlbefinden, unbedingt. Und deshalb habe ich mich so sehr über meine "Novemberrose" gefreut.
Deine Bilder sind wieder zauberhaft und tun meiner Seele so gut, danke. LG Claudia

Maleviks Rosenträdgård said...

You are MAGIC :)



Have a nice day
Hugs from Håkan

Kathy said...

Your faux flowers are dreamily beautiful! Love indoor garden inspirations to hold us through the winter months!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Bella,
How truly lovely! Your headboard is beautiful..I have been looking for one but have not found what I'm looking for yet. I adore all your touches of the garden inside your home.
Have a sweet day and hugs~Elizabeth

Farah Muzaffar said...

Hi Bella.... Then you wait for coming spring who is not far, just after the winter... and your garden will again full of roses, full of hopes and happiness... Am I right:).
Beautiful flowers and beautiful post like always, your headboard look so adorable, a fantasy of love, hope, dream and romance.

pay a visit to me when you have bit time

Carolyn said...

Hi Bella,
If you can't have the real ones from your garden faux is the next best thing!
It is always so pretty at your house.

Take care,

Princesa Nadie said...

Lovely and beautiful!
A Kiss

Michelle said...

Beautiful..I love blogs where the post is so lovely..

Hélène GLEHEN said...

Just lovely Bella. While I am not using faux in my house I know there are now some beautiful ones made with paper and they look real.

Have a nice week dear Bella and thank you to share these beautiful pictures.

♥ Hélène Glehen - a French artist, fond of roses and romantic stuff ♥

Casa das Bonecas de Pano de Ipiabas said...

Hi Bella, lindo seu blog adorei sou do Brasil, vim conhecer beijos Leila

House and Garden Boutique said...

Love the swag on the headboard......! Beautiful!

Deborah said...

So very pretty Bella..
your haven looks beautiful...

Deborah :)

Dolly said...

I have never liked faux flowers but I see they have come a long way....
they look so real!
Gonna have to see what I can find to make me smile thru the winter season!

Thank you,

Vanessa said...

Now THAT is the way to go "faux"! I absolutely love those touches around your gorgeous home and would love to know where you found that faux eucalyptus. Thank you so much for joining the party this week!

maría cecilia said...

So much beauty at your cozy home my dear Bella!!!! and yes, when roses are all faded down what can be better than take them inside all around the home??!!