May 31, 2010

May Tea for Two...

 I was lucky to enjoy my best friend's company for tea!
My sweet husband is home on vacation
so it was tea for two!
Yes he has a name, it's Mike.  
I think he might be tired of being called my sweet husband :-)

(click photos to enlarge)

So nothing fancy...
just the little table in the front parlor again.
I kept the fru fru to a minimum
and lured him in with sweets!

These Teacups were my Grandmothers.
 Part of a complete china set.

The flowers look like wild flowers to me,
and since we just took a little trip
I thought they were an appropriate choice.

Here is the bottom...
Fine Bohemian China


The bait...
Raspberry Kolacky cookies.
(Czechoslovakian cookies)
I bought at the bakery... it's vacation!

Some flowers...

I made a little bouquet with one of my favorite roses,
April in Paris.
They are not really happy about our bad weather...
but they smell fantastic!

More rain today... so
more garden centers.
Where I found this gorgeous Tree Peony.
She has no name, 
and her blooms are a little past their peak,
But.. I got a 30% discount!
And she makes my heart pitter patter,
and thats what is all about :-)

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May 30, 2010

Garden Center Mosaic...

It's Mosaic Monday again...

(click mosaic to enlarge)

I thought I would share with you a few pretties

I snapped at the garden center this morning.
It is still raining, so I thought if I can't work in the garden,
I should shop for the garden:-)

Yes.. I had to bring a couple pretties home with me:-)

Like a couple of the lovely Hydrangeas in the first photo.
It is Forever and Forever.
I am crazy the double pink flowers!

I have been tring to remember...
to share with you
this funny sign that was outside the garden center a few weeks ago!

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Mary at Little Red House

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Today being the first day of my husband's vacation,
we decided to take a little day trip
and see if we could find the sun.
It's been absent here at home for a couple weeks.

We found a little sun there and had a great time
just relaxing.
I love long car trips!

So we drove across the Cascade mountains south of Mount Rainer.
Along the way I snapped some photos of wildflowers
to share with you.

(click photos to enlarge)

The wild Lupine covered the hillside,
and smelled so sweet!

The rest of the flowers I don't know the names of...
bright and sunny yellow flowers...

Isn't it elegant?

The hummingbirds were crazy about these,
but my camera wasn't fast enough :-)

More cheery yellows...

so small and delicate...

The hills were covered with these tall yellow flowers,
they were a little past their prime,
but still made a lovely display.

and just for fun... a Magpie.
aren't they pretty?
We don't have them at home
 and they are always a treat to see.

My husband grew up in Eastern Washington,
and fondly remembers the Magpies from his childhood.

Today I am joining Today's Flower
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May 28, 2010

Happy Pink Birthday...

It's Pink Saturday's Second Birthday!

(click photos to enlarge)

So.... I made a Cake,

Sweet and Fluffy Pink Icing...

Then I decorated it with Flowers!

I have always wanted to do this..
and thought this way the perfect time
to be uber girlie!

A Ring of Pink Panda Strawberry Blooms..
Clusters of Tiny Cecile Brunner Roses,
and Wisps of Cat Mint.

A Pink Delight!

Happy Birthday Pink Saturday!
Thanks... Beverly for being our
Lovely Hostess!

Now go visit some more Pink Goodness!

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May 27, 2010

A Lovely Lady...

Last week I told you I was having a fun project
 done in my garden.
Here is a link if you missed it.

Well... like all household projects
it's taking longer than planned.

So I thought I would tease you
with just a taste of my project :-)

(click photos to enlarge)

The lovely lady is going to be a key player....

See her basket?
It should be pouring water....

But since we have sprung a slight leak
I decided to fill it with garden fresh flowers for now.

Her bouquet is made of more of my
Gertrude Jekyll Roses,  they are so happy this year!
and... A few Pink-A-Boo flowers are tucked in.

I love how she is gazing at the flowers,
with that shy smile!
She looks to be enjoying them
as much as I do!


Isn't she stunning!

I can't wait to finish this project!
It is an early anniversary present
for my husband and I.
Very early... we wanted to be able to enjoy it all summer:-)

My sweet husband is taking a long vacation next week.
It will be a stay at home vacation
with lots of gardening,
and maybe a day trip or two.
It's so hard to take more than a day trip with five dogs!

So...  I am hoping to finish up this project
and share it with you next week!

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I hope everyone has a fabulous and safe
Memorial Day Weekend!

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May 26, 2010

My Beacon Light...

As I was blog surfing last night,
I stumbled on this Blogger's Quilt Festival
It's huge,  almost 600 quilters have already posted!
So... I knew I had to join...

(click photos to enlarge)

This is my first quilt.
 I made it back in 1992.

I had just bought my first home,
and had my first sewing room.

All of my quilts are hand quilted,
I enjoy the quilting, much more than the sewing,
it's so relaxing.  A great time for daydreams!

As you can see I had a smaller bed then:-)
Now my quilts are kept folded at the bottom,
for chilly nights.

Now my bedroom colors also lean more towards pinks,
back then I was much more of a blue girl..
I even painted my first house blue.

 So I chose this quilt today
 because it mixed in with my current bedding.

Here's an overview...

The pattern is called Beacon Light..
It was a good beginners pattern.

I also love to embroidery.
So I made simple tags for all my quilts,
Recording what number  they were,
 the pattern name, and the date.
Sadly.. I don't quilt much anymore.
I don't have as much room for the frame.
I miss it though,
and playing with my quilts today
 rekindled my creative juices.

Besides... I could stand to relax more :-)

On a completely unrelated note...
Here is my pillow pup Twiggy
(only he thinks he is a pup, he is really quite
 a little old man).

He thought since I disrupted his pillow nap
with my shuffling about,
He should be allowed to say hi to everyone :-)

Don't you love those giant ears?
All the better to hear you with my dear!

Do stop by the Quilt Festival and visit!

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May 25, 2010

Shasta Daisies...

As I keep telling you
we are having a really wet spring...

(click photos to enlarge)

and the Shasta Daises are thrilled!!
They are growing wild and crazy.

The delphiniums are coming along right behind them.

The Delphinium by my front porch started to bloom
a couple days ago
you can catch a blurry view of them in yesterdays post.
My window glass is the old original glass
(108 years old!)
and challenging to photograph through
but... Oh so lovely.

We hand cut all the pickets on our fence..
We live on a corner lot and the fence
is about two hundred feet long.
It was a huge job.
But.. I am so pleased with the outcome
it makes the perfect backdrop
 for all the lovely flowers.

When the Roses start to bloom
and everything fills in
I will take you for a fence long tour:-)

Here are their sunny faces looking for the sun...
It's nowhere in sight today.

So... of course,  I had to cut a little bundle
to bring in the house...

although.. I loved the way they looked
 laying on the white wicker chair :-)

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