Jun 30, 2010

Dinner with the Queen...

My Queen Elizabeth Roses are so happy..

(click photos to enlarge)

I thought it was a perfect opportunity
to enjoy dinner on the patio with her...

I set my tiny iron patio table...

Very little was put on the table for embellishment
the Queen shined on her own...

Besides the table really is tiny,
the plates barely fit...

Isn't she elegant?

The wind kept the candle dancing,
the bobeche was working overtime:-)

My plates are new from Marshall's
just a pale soft pearly pink ring...

The napkins a simple vintage cotton...

I will leave you with a birds eye view....

Simple and romantic...
fit for a Queen:-)

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Jun 29, 2010

Splashing About...

(click photos to enlarge)

Do you remember my new patio pond?
If not you can click here to see it...

Today...  was an exciting day pond side:-)

The new baby koi moved in....

This was the feisty one,
very eager to get out of the bag!
They are just around four inches long...

Pure grace,
Like an angel from above...

My favorite is this snowy white one..
so bright he seems to glow!

Eventually they will outgrow the little pond,
and I will move them to Mike's pond.
By then.. I hope to have frogs and tadpoles moving into this pond.
This year is the first year I have had tadpoles
in another tiny pond in the garden.
(yes... we like water features a lot!)

So out of the bags the little guys swam,
and under the plants they hid,
not to be seen again today...

So since I was there by the pond,
I floated a Rose in My Lady's basket..

A beautiful one with pink ruffled petals,
The name still eludes me...

and... I floated some Snow Bell blooms on the water..
maybe the koi will be enticed to come out and play?

Here is a close up of the floating flowers.

Where their petals touch the water,
there is a reflection of the lattice above,
it's reflection is bent into a spiderweb like design!

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Jun 28, 2010

Orange Blossoms and Tea...

Since yesterday we toured the gazebo,
I thought today,  I would share my tea  with you there...

(click photos to enlarge)

So here we are back in my Favorite Place,
tea is being served from the ottoman...

I am using the same teapot I always seem to use..
It's a cream colored no mark pot,
but I love the simple roses...
they go with everything so well.

I'll move my cup over by my seat...

See the little sprig of Mock Orange Blossom?
The bushes are blooming like mad!
Funny because they like heat and it's such a cool year.

They smell incredible..
so I am tucking their blooms around everywhere
while they last!

Here is a close up of the cup..
It's Homer Laughlin in the  "Georgian" pattern.

I found a set of them at a garage sale a while back...

Well... I had to bring the fruit plate over to my little table too:-)

cherries,  green grapes and a little kiwi...

and yes, of course there are flowers:-)
Queen Elizabeth Roses smothered in Orange Blossoms!
I am sending their heavenly smell your way:-)

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Have Fun!

Last Week a few people asked about my blooming tea set,
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anyone who would like to buy one of their own:-)

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Jun 27, 2010

Gazebo Tour..

Today I though we would take a peek
at the gazebo...

(click photos to enlarge)

Here is one of the archways
it's symmetrical so there is another doorway
on the other side...

A little rabbit with a flower in his hare came to welcome you :-)

This archway is the on the sunny side
and the Clematis is in full bloom.

Of course there should be a cute rustic chandy
in the gazebo ;-)

Before we go inside, here is a view of the garden to the right.
Lots of pink blooms...

Here is the little table where we eat our lunch
as often as we can in the summer.

It's Mike's favorite place
because it overlooks his koi pond...

Here is a little nest I keep on the table,
with moonstone eggs and a vintage button I found in the garden ...
That's one of the joys of digging around in an old property
you never know what you'll find...

I filled my wall pocket with daisy's and toad flax
they are in a little baggie of water, and will keep a few days
It's fun to have flowers at the table...

On the other side of the gazebo
Is my favorite spot
I showed it to you here...

Here is the rest of that side..
a little love seat and a pink storage bench...

Last time I shared my wicker with you a couple people asked..
how I keep the cushions dry and clean.
The gazebo keeps everything pretty dry,
the cushion all have slip covers of pillowcases or sheets,
  the little crochet pillows are washing machine friendly.
(with all the dogs this is important!)
Everything is just an inexpensive garage sale find, anyway.

Here is a perennial bed
as seen from the back of the love seat,
The lavender poppies are just starting to bloom...

Here is Twiggy's favorite spot,
A soft place to sleep in the sun...

Another photo of the Roses behind my favorite chair...

More Roses with Valerian in the background...

This photo is was taken a couple days ago,
from the little purple bench on the other side of the pond.

It was a nice sunny day and the reflection of the gazebo
on the pond was just gorgeous!

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Jun 26, 2010

Roses Roses Roses...

A Week of sunshine has done wonders in the garden..
the roses are happier,
and so am I...

(click photos to enlarge)

This sweet rose was poking through the front porch railing..
It's name is Sweetness...
well named,  I believe:-)

I have tried to remember this roses name...
it completely eludes me.

I love the ruffled edges on the petals!

This is Burgundy Iceberg...
floating in a bed of delphiniums...

A couple of days ago in my purple passions post  (here)
I had a purple rose in a vase.

Everyone loved it so much,
I thought I would show it here on the bush,
It is Enchanted Evening.

It is newly planted this year,
Her mature height will be four feet.

This is April in Paris...
I love her scent!

Here is a bud on the April in Paris
The light was shining on her so pretty...

and last for today is
Queen Elizabeth...

She really is the rose queen in my garden..

I have several of her.
She is almost nine feet tall
and blooms abundantly all season.

This spring I planted a staggered row of her,
down the center of one of my flower beds
to form a wall.
 As soon as she starts to fill in I'll give you a peek:-)

That's the end of the rose tour for today..
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

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