Jan 16, 2011

Faux Fireplace...

So here it is,
the long story of my faux fireplace....

Even though my house is almost a hundred and ten years old,
there is not a single fireplace in it...

(click photos to enlarge)

So I have been searching for a mantle.
Since I didn't have a firebox,
I wanted one deep enough
to set up a variety of faux fires...

In the coldest part of winter
I will probably put in one of those electric heaters
that looks like a wood stove...

You know how when you add one element to the room
you want to change everything else?

I told you last week
I am easily seduced by the name on a paint chip...

the name French Castle had me sold
almost as fast as the soft Dusty Lavender color...

Do you remember the old color in the parlor?
It was a deep pumpkin color
here is a link if you want to see the before color...

Once the walls were painted,
I couldn't stop there...

Those of you who think it's a sin to paint old woodwork
should close your eyes and skip ahead :-)

Bright creamy paint,
So much cheerier!!

You can see I didn't get the ceiling painted.
I am thinking about wrapping the wall color up a bit,
and painting a a trompe l'oeil sky
in the center of the ceiling...

The mantle was new unfinished wood,
I wanted an aged look
so I did lots of layering of paint and distressing...

Since I don't have a mirror for over the mantle.
I used this old window
that came from an old shed we tore down
when we moved in...

A window should have a window box
and all the better if it is filled with Hyacinths...

This cast iron fireplace grate was picked up at a garage sale
for a whopping eight dollars...

(oh, how I miss garage sales in the winter!)

Wanna know how spoiled I am?
I have a pet peeve about electrical cords....

So,  my too sweet husband
crawled around under the house all day
and put a plug in the bottom of the fireplace
so I could plug in my lights :-))

Sweet huh?

A faux fireplace may not be warm,
but it sure is cozy!

Tonight I am joining...
Funy Junk Interiors for Saturday Nite Special

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