Feb 10, 2011

Fancy Iced Cookies the Easy Way...

At Tuesdays Tea
I shared my cookies with you...

(click photos to enlarge)

Since So many of you
love sugar cookies as much as I do,
I thought I would share my
easy way to make fancy iced cookies....

I first saw this on Martha Stewart.
and it's so mess free
I do it at my dining room table,
leaving my tablecloth on
just using parchment paper as a work surface...

An important first step
is the cookies must be completely cooled.
I bake one day and decorate the next...

I am a complete klutz with an icing bag.
I dream of making lovely icing roses
but so far it's not going too well...

So this is the part I saw on Martha Stewart
you use these mini squeeze bottles by Wilton.
They sell them at all the craft stores
 in the cake decorating isle.

They make it clean and fun just like coloring :-)

I use Royal Icing
I make it thinner than this so it flows easily from the bottle
and I mix it for 7 minutes in the kitchen-aid mixer
on a low speed.

A batch fills four bottles.

You dam the edges first,
I work in small batches
because you want the icing to set a bit before the next step...

If you want multi colored cookies,
just divide the areas with an icing line now
then your colors won't run together...

Then you flood them,
I drag the tip of the bottle in the icing
to help spread the icing and get air bubbles out.

You want to add your sugars and sprinkles
while the icing is wet so everything sticks.

If you are using sanding sugars
you can do that right away..

If you want to use heavier sprinkles
like pearls of dragees
let it set just a minute, so they don't sink too much...

Fancy, easy and fun :-)

Tonight I am joining...

a brand new party
Sherry is Hosting at the Charm of Home!


Be Sweet :-)