Apr 21, 2011

Egg Cups and Sweetness..

It's always fun to repurpose
our vintage finds...

(click photos to enlarge)

I have a few wire egg racks...

I really don't know their original purpose..
maybe to keep eggs from bumping around
when being boiled?

usually I use them to display
dyed Easter Eggs...

I thought filled with candy
would be a fun colorful change...

so I cracked the tops of a few
Araucana eggs..

filled with jelly beans,
mix in a few English Daisy blooms
and pure candy colored delight :-)

what would Easter be without a rabbit...

last year I shared with you a variety
of rabbits carrying baskets on their backs...

I love the possibilities
 of all the goodies that can be tucked in,
this year I filled his basket
with dainty Service Berry blossoms...

well you thought the sweetness in the blog title was
probably about the candy scattered about...

but really it is about the two sweet packages
I received in the mail today...

my Mom sent me this delightful paper basket
that she made...

loaded with whimsical paper flowers
and a sweet blue bird,
and of course a few chocolate eggs :-)

and my sweet friend Judith from
mailed me this sparkly butterfly,

all wrapped up in her trademark
 lavender tissue paper and bows :-)

it has a magnet in it's body and another magnet on the back,
so you pull them apart
 and your butterfly attaches to clothing or windows...

for now,
 mine is fluttering across my china cabinet window..

Thank you Judith!
You are always so sweet :-)

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