Oct 31, 2011

Halloween Fate...

Are you ready for a night
of Halloween thrills?

(click photos to enlarge)

or maybe a night of scary movies
 and candlelight,
with a loved one to cling to
for safety?

As I girl I loved to dress up as a gypsy,
layers of ruffled skirts,
a borrowed wig with long long hair,
and piles of jewelery...

I have always
been intrigued by Gypsies
and fortune tellers,
the seers...

I don't know that I would truly like to "see" my future
I like surprises too much...

but it is fun to imagine....

I am enchanted by Vintage Halloween postcards,
their simple verses,
foretelling your fate...

the secret of my life's destiny
lies hidden in this beets root,
if only I knew...

perhaps tonight,
I will stumble upon a clever gypsy,
who will share the secret,
or perhaps YOU know?

Night falls soon,
let the fun begin,
stay safe...

Trick or Treat?