Feb 17, 2012

Venturous Harbinger of Spring...

the snowdrops have been standing
in the garden,
holding their petals close...

for just a bit of sun...

I could wait no more...

and brought in a bundle...

their little heads popped open quickly...

To a Snowdrop

Lone flower,
hemmed in with the snows and white as they
but hardier far,
once more I see thee bend thy forehead,
as if fearful to offend, like an unbidden guest.

 Though day by day, Storms, sallying from the mountain-tops,
 waylay The rising sun, and on the plains descend;
Yet art thou welcome, welcome as a friend
Whose zeal outruns his promise!

Blue-eyed May Shall soon behold this border thickly set
With bright jonquils, their odours lavishing
On the soft west-wind and his frolic peers;

Nor will I then thy modest grace forget,
Chaste Snowdrop, venturous harbinger of Spring,
And pensive monitor of fleeting years!

William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth was so inspired by his
Venturous Harbinger of Spring,
he wrote not one but two poems
to the Snowdrop...
(also "on seeing a tuft of snowdrops in a storm")

I know how he felt..

the promise of the coming spring,
wakes me up
and makes my blood move...

today I am joining...

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