Aug 22, 2016

More of the Point Defiance Rose Gardens...

 I hope you don't mind...
I am going to take you back
 to Point Defiance Rose Garden
with me again today...
Its as close to heaven on earth
as I can imagine...

The Rose Garden

© Lorena Glass

  Come walk with me
 In the heart of the Earth
Where sweetness conquers bitterness Always.

Come sing with me
 In the soul of the Earth
Where joy is flesh
Where love is visible
And diamonds and rubies are made Of velvet.

Come dance with me
 Among the silken flames
 That are never quenched
That never burn.

Let us dance Forever
Where the spirits smile
In my private world

 as we start
this new week
my fellow rose aficionados...
I hope you too,
find a reason to dance
 I am always so grateful for your company...


Rose L said...

the peach colored ones are my favorite.

Summer said...

The flowers are so beautiful ♥

Beatrice Euphemie said...

So lovely to see the rose garden, Bella, and your sweet poetry, too! I am trying to soak in as many summer memories as possible.....xx K

Janneke said...

One of my favorite things of life: Dreaming and dancing in a rosegarden!

Rowan said...

More lovely photographs, I really like the lilac coloured rose.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So beautiful. It must smell divine!