Mar 24, 2017

The First Weekend of Spring...

 I am just popping by
to wish you a wonderful first weekend of Spring!
suddenly after so many lazy Winters days
there is so much to do...
Spring Cleaning,
Garden Clean up,
and the part of garden clean up
where you just stop and get lost admiring the tiny blooms
 and the way the greens are suddenly greener,
I get lost watching the baby squirrels outside my kitchen window,
then there is that antsy feeling
 of just wanting to go out and socialize...
the anticipation of road trips...
its all bliss,
my mind and heart are full...
I hope yours are too...
“It was one of those March days
 when the sun shines hot
and the wind blows cold:
 when it is summer in the light,
 and winter in the shade.”     
Happy Weekend!


NanaDiana said...

Happy Weekend, Bella. No spring cleanup here yet. We still have bits of snow on the ground and ice in the lake. It is cold and has been raining. I am so anxious for spring this year! xo Diana said...

Happy Spring to you too Bella***
Still cold here but getting slightly warmer each day*
enjoy your weekend Bella

Alessandra said...

Happy spring to you, dear Bella. Spring is in the air also in Italy
Hugs Alessandra