Jun 1, 2017

Gathering Roses...

What is better than roses in the garden?
roses in the house for sure!

gathering them is a tough job,
but someone has to do it... ;)

my typical bouquet is a single type of rose
or a pretty pairing...
but when I gather
 and I see the wide variety
of shapes and colors,
I am newly struck by the never ending beauty...

my basket full,
my task complete...
I pause on my little bench
under the Cherry Tree...

next time
I think,
I will add a jar and water
so I can keep them just like this...

I build bouquets...
so glad to dust off my vase collection
for a new season...
 Stop and Smell the Roses,
they are divine!


Lisa said...

Dear Bella,
your roses are super beautiful and I love how you arranged them!
Best wishes,

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

The mix is astonishingly beautiful! You are so lucky. But of course, I know you have made your own luck! So, so lovely!

Lone Hall said...

Absolutely wonderful.
I love roses and I also bring them to my house. But here in Denmark the roses is not yet in bloom, so we have to wait a little more. But the rhododendrons are beautiful here now. You can see that on my blog today

I wish you a wonderful weekend
Hugs and blessings Lone

Alessandra said...

Stunning roses and bouquet. I fell in love with the basket
Hugs Alessandra

Keity said...

What a lovely rose basket! Your roses are beautiful:)

Rose L said...

You have a lovely variety of roses.