My Old House History & Restoration

  I have been infatuated with old houses and their history as long as I can remember.  I am lucky to own my dream home a 1902 Classic Victorian Cottage in Washington State. 
  I want to share the journey of my restoration and the building of my garden.  I also want to build these posts to print out and leave here with the house someday when I pass it on to the new caretaker...
  So this is my collection of Historical House posts...
  I will be adding posts to it as time allows.
  If you have a suggestion for a post,  please leave it in comments :-)

House History part 1this post includes
some wonderful photos of the original house and tells the story about how I was so lucky to become its current caretaker.

House History part 2 - a general before and after,  a bit of renovation talk,  and photos of the building of the gardens focal points.

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