Feb 2, 2011

Valentines Day Candy Box...

I have always wanted one
of those over the top
 vintage Valentines Day candy boxes...
pure romance
dripping in femininity...

I have never been so lucky as to find a true vintage one..

But, I am a hoarder of used chocolate boxes
and I was lucky enough
to find a bit of vintage sheet music,
I have been saving for just the right project...

So, I covered my little candy box
hodge podge style,
using Elmer's glue on the backs
and leaving the edges loose and a bit tattered..
instead of tea dying the pages,
I took the fast route.

I just smugged thinned paint around,
 for that soft weathered look...
Lacey ruffles were pinch pleated on the spot
and hot glued down...
as was the velvet ric-rac trim...
What is romance without flowers?
Nothing I say :-)

So a bouquet of velvety flowers fills the center...

Tonight I will be joining

for an on going Valentine Party


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